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The Awards

Foodie Awards (Coventry & Warwickshire)

Finalists event:

Friday 2 July 2021

Awards event : 22 July 2021 -  Exciting details to be confirmed soon!




Express to Success  

The new award is to spot the food or drink producer that could be the next star brand for pubs and restaurants and support them in their growth and ambitions for their business.
Are you the next Brewdog or Tyrrells ? 
The winner of this award will receive a site of benefits to support their entry into the market.
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Farm Shop

We are looking for a farm shop that leads the way in sales of farm to fork produce, offering top quality, a broad range of produce and great service all in one place. We’ll be looking for farm shops that really do go the extra mile whilst simultaneously keeping food miles low and championing produce from local growers, producers and suppliers, finding supportive and sustainable ways of working with them and showcasing what the county has to offer.


Artisan Drink Producer

The winner of this category will be selected based on the originality and popularity of their self-made product in this increasingly emerging marketplace. From coffee to gin and everything in between, we want to see what sets your drink apart from the competition. Do you use local producers, are you sustainable, how do you use branding to your advantage and ultimately what makes you stand out from the crowd?


Artisan Food Producer

This category looks for a producer of artisan food that really has the wow factor. This broad category is open to food producers from farmers and butchers to bakers, condiment-makers, cake-makers and more. If you produce or make an artisan food product, this is the category for you. The winner will be selected based on the originality and popularity of their self-made food or food-related product. We want to see what sets your food product apart from the competition - how you use top quality ingredients to create a stand-out product, how you use branding to tell your story, and how you wow customers with an excellent product that tastes great and shows off the very best Coventry & Warwickshire has to offer.


Newcomer (18 months from launch of awards)

This category recognises a food-related business that is relatively new to the scene. Whether you’re a bar or a bakery you are welcome to enter, providing you launched within the 18 months before the launch of the awards. The award will recognise an innovative business that has demonstrated early success or potential and has made waves despite being the new kid on the block. We want to see businesses with personality and ambition who will play a key role in putting Coventry & Warwickshire on the map when it comes to food and drink.


Independent Food/Drink Retailer

This award recognises the importance of independent businesses. The winner will be an independent food or drink retailer whose innovative products, excellent customer service, and popularity within the local community and beyond has seen it stand up to the chains and provide that ‘something special’ that food and drink lovers are looking for.  Judges will be looking for somewhere that really stands out, offering quality products, great service and a unique ‘personality’ that plays a part in its success.


Pub or Bar of the Year

Whether you’re running a high-end wine bar or town centre tavern, this award recognises passion for excellence and the lengths licensees go to lay on a first class customer experience, making this a must go-to destination for locals and visitors alike. The category is open to establishments from country pubs to cocktail bars, tap rooms, wine bars and anywhere that tempts people with a tipple. The winner will be able to boast a great offering, innovative ideas and top-level service that make it a hit with drinks fans across the board.


Restaurant of the Year

From top tapas bars to fancy dining rooms, barnstorming bistros and great gastropubs, this award is about delivering quality food and outstanding customer experience, including menu creativity, décor, ambience and identifying its unique selling point. The winner could be anyone from a casual to a fine dining restaurant - the focus is on excellence and experience.


Chef or Cook of the Year 

This award aims to recognise someone who is going above and beyond to turn out great food. Whether they rustle up brilliant breakfasts in a cafe or artistic appetisers in a restaurant, this award isn’t about the venue or the style of food but the quality, care and passion behind it and the lengths the chef or cook will go to deliver what the customer enjoys. Judges will look at creativity and signature dishes, innovative techniques and ideas that keep diners coming back for more and a real show of passion for creating great-tasting food.

Sponsored by Aubrey Allen 


Best Food/Drink Experience

This category recognises the very best food-related experience, from supper clubs to pop-up restaurants, street food venues, food festivals, family events, vineyards, farms and more.  Judges will take into consideration all aspects of the visitor experience, from food and drink choice and quality to décor, ambience and customer service, entertainment and elements that serve to create an unrivalled foodie experience.


Street Food Trader of the Year

Street food has become a much-loved part of the food scene in Coventry and Warwickshire and the UK as a whole. This award will recognise a street food trader that produces great quality food, winning support from locals and visitors alike. Judges will look at quality of food, menu offering, innovation, imagination and branding, as well as customer service.


Café/Coffee Shop of the Year

This award is for a cafe or coffee shop that serves great coffee with a high level of service, but also goes the extra mile to demonstrate excellence, becoming more of a community hub than just a food and drink pitstop. The quality of food and drink on offer will be taken into account, as well as all the added extras that help a place win people’s hearts as well as their taste buds.


Food Champion (People’s award)

This award recognises a true champion of food and drink in Coventry and Warwickshire. They might be a producer, retailer, supplier or someone who works in food and drink, someone who works tirelessly to promote the food and drink scene in Coventry or Warwickshire, or someone who does something special connected to food and drink, from voluntary efforts to pioneering community initiatives or charitable projects. This ‘people’s choice’ award will recognise that person for the passion, time and effort they throw into food and drink in the area, championing it both locally and on a wider stage.
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COVID-19 Resilience Award

This special award will go to a business or individual who can demonstrate how they have successfully not only adapted to, but thrived through the COVID-19 lockdown with an innovative and out-of-the-box approach to their offering. The category welcomes entries from across the board in the world of food and drink, from cafes to farms, producers to retailers and while recognising that all businesses have tackled unprecedented challenges during this period, will recognise one that really did beat all the odds to survive and even thrive.

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Godiva Award (exclusive to Coventry)

As a symbol of Coventry and its Medieval past, Lady Godiva is also a symbol of overcoming adversity, which is what this award is about.  Judges will be looking to identify a Coventry Food & Drink business that has reached out to the Coventry community in a way like no other, a business that has its roots in Coventry but has a regional, national and even international feel. As the city with the most twinned cities in the world Coventry’s Godiva Award will be extended to a business that puts Coventry on the map.