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How winning an award can help your business


We all like an award. They tend to be shiny and often come with a nice celebration and a chance to shout about what you do for a few minutes. The Foodie Awards is all about championing the great local businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire and we can’t wait to hand out some awards to people working hard to make the food and drink scene in our region what it is today.

But beyond the pretty ornament and the five minutes of fame, what can winning an award do for your business, and why should you enter them?

Winning awards gets you noticed

Growing your business is often about standing out from the crowd - especially in food and drink. You might think that winning an award is great for the recognition it gets you at that moment in time, but it goes much further than that. Awards programmes like the Foodie Awards are about shouting about entrants, finalists and winners - and not just on one day.

For many similar awards programmes, the whole process can be used by you to raise awareness of what you do. From being nominated or entering, to becoming a finalist and even winning, the extent of the awareness you can get in some ways can go as far as you take it.

Winning an award is likely to get you some great PR, as well as recognition from your peers and competitors, not to mention all the potential customers who want to buy your product. Increased awareness might also get you noticed by suppliers, vendors, and investors - all of whom could help you grow your business and take that next step.

Awards are a sign of excellence

We like to think we’re buying the best, but if everyone’s saying the best, who do customers believe? The great thing about awards programmes like the Foodie Awards is they mean that your product or business is deemed the best by credible judges who know their stuff.

The Foodie Awards 2021 judging panel includes some of the most esteemed and experienced names in the region’s food and drink scene, from Michelin-starred chef Glynn Purnell to chef/restaurateur Andreas Antona, Aubrey Allen MD Russell Allen and more. When people like that have decided that you deserve recognition, everyone else tends to sit up and listen.

With that in mind, winning business awards can help solidify your reputation and encourage your loyal customers to keep coming back, as well as convincing new customers that they should try you out.

Even if you don’t win, being a finalist or even entering an awards programme establishes you as a serious player in your field. It shows that you have faith in your own product or business and aren’t scared to put yourself out there. That can go a long way when it comes to winning customers’ trust.

Awards don’t just help the business or the boss

Of course winning an award is great for a business, and great for you as a founder or owner, but they also help everyone who makes your business what it is. Awards entries give you the opportunity to recognise your staff and supporters.

Take the Foodie Awards Best Chef/Cook category - the perfect opportunity for a manager or owner to shout about a key member of their team. This year more than ever, morale is a tough one in the food and drink sector, so something as simple as entering an award or nominating a member of your team can lift everyone’s spirits when they need it most. And if you win, it means your whole team is quite likely to want to keep that top spot, pushing forward year after year to retain their title.

Awards elevate everyone

They say a rising tide lifts all boats and that’s the same for awards. Shouting about individual businesses doesn’t just help each of those one by one, but adds to the improvement of a sector or area.

At the Foodie Awards, we want Coventry & Warwickshire to be recognised for its thriving food and drink scene that rivals any other region in the UK. The awards don’t just showcase the winners or the finalists, but give us an opportunity to shout about, share, and celebrate each and every cafe, restaurant, pub producers and person who contributes to the sector from Nuneaton right down to Studley.

In a year where Coventry celebrates being City of Culture, the Foodie Awards 2021 will show just how key a part food and drink is in our culture in Coventry & Warwickshire and will help improve our standing not just locally - but on a national stage.

Awards encourage collaboration

While awards recognise individual businesses, we all know that it’s an ecosystem of businesses that make the food and drink sector what it is. Coventry & Warwickshire is no different, and the entries to the inaugural Foodie Awards have already revealed story after story about collaboration between food and drink businesses across the region. From cafes and restaurants using local suppliers, to businesses teaming up to provide much needed services during the COVID pandemic, collaboration is key to success in this industry.

Awards encourage that collaboration - allowing businesses to discover each other, explore ways of working together, and to shout about each other. The awards night itself is a great chance to network, but the Foodie Awards is about more than one day. It’s about working together to create the best, most vibrant food and drink scene in the country.

Ellen Manning
PR & Comms Consultant
Phone: 07515 717173
Twitter: @weareempr

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