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About the Awards

This new awards program was created to support all those in the Food and Drink sector.
Whether your business is based on a farm in Warwickshire or an industrial estate in Coventry, we want to help celebrate what you do as well as showcase and promote all the amazing talent across the region.

Working to support Coventry City of Culture 2021/2, we feel that food is central to the inspirational stories of all the cultures that have made Warwickshire and Coventry their home.

Take a look through all the Awards categories and select the ones which best suit what you do. 

Each award will have its own criteria for judging. Some will require you to tell us their story, while others can let their creations speak for themselves!

The finalist for most of the Award categories will be announced in May with the awards ceremony on the 16 June at The Box - Fargo Village - Coventry. Some awards have special judging criteria which means they may be announced at a different time.


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